General format

  • Font

The recommended fonts are Book Antiqua or Times New Roman. Font size in the text must be 12. A larger font (14) can be used for headings.

  • Spacing

The recommended line spacing is 1.5. Longer quotations should be single-spaced and separated from the text.

  • Margins

In pro gradu theses, the left margin should be approximately 4 cm and the other margins 2.5 cm.

  • Paragraphs

Paragraphs can be divided either by leaving a blank line between paragraphs, or by indenting the first line of a new paragraph by five spaces.

If the paragraph follows a new section heading, the first line is not indented.

  • Page numbering

Page numbering begins after the title page so that the abstract is always on page 2. However, the first page number to appear in the text is the one on the first page of text (the first page of the Introduction). The abstract, list of tables, etc. do not have a page number.

Page numbering continues until the end of the document, including the bibliography and appendices.

Place the page number on the top right corner of the page.

  • Highlighting

For highlighting or emphasis, use italics. Bold print can also be used for clarity if necessary (for instance if you use a lot of linguistic examples that require italics).

  • Footnotes

Endnotes and footnotes should be used sparingly. If you do use notes, they should be placed at the bottom of the page using smaller font size (10) and single-spacing.