Discourse Studies

The researchers working in discourse studies in the Applied Linguistics program at the Department of Language and Communication Studies share an interest in studying language as social action in everyday life. We foreground a view on language as practice and examine how multilingual and multimodal resources are used across different spaces and time. We are interested in discursive, linguistic, and social practices in a variety of contexts, such as media, tourism, education, families, new language industries, law, and community interpreting settings including both spoken and signed languages. In our research we draw on different traditions of discourse studies, such as critical discourse analysis, multimodal discourse analysis, nexus analysis, ethnography, and conversation analysis.

Discourse Studies belongs to a core area in teaching and research at the Department of Languages. For graduate students we offer a language expert track in which we teach introductory courses targeted at first and second year students (e.g., Kohti kieliasiantuntijuutta and Johdatus diskurssintutkimukseen) and offer more specialized courses in discourse studies (e.g., Kriittinen diskurssintutkimus ja Mediadiskurssintutkimus). Ph.D. students can specialize in Discourse Studies under the Applied Linguistics program.

We also organize regular research seminars, workshops, and a lecture series entitled the Jyväskylä Discourse Studies Forum. The forum offers a space for showcasing cutting-edge research while stimulating discussion and collaboration among internationally recognized researchers and students. We invite you to participate in these events.

Discourse studies team

Sari Pietikäinen, Ph.D., Professor
Francis Hult, Ph.D., Docent
Helen Kelly-Holmes, Ph.D., Docent
Anna Solin, Ph.D., Docent
Sanna Lehtonen, Ph.D., University Lecturer
Anu Karjalainen, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Researcher
Kati Dlaske, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Researcher
Reetta Karjalainen, M.A., Ph.D. Student
Sini Lemmetty, M.A., Ph.D. Student
Sarah Compton, M.A., Ph.D. Student
Minna Tiainen, M.A., Ph.D. Student

 For more information contact professor Sari Pietikäinen.