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Cold Rush

  • The Cold Rush project examines the transforming Arctic North as an expanding hotspot at the juncture of economic development and cultural transformation, focusing on the ways in which language and identity matter in these processes. Funded by the Academy of Finland 2016-2020.

Päättyneet projektit

Peripheral Multilingualism

  • Sociolinguistic ethnography of contestation and innovation in multilingual Sámi, Corsican, Irish and Welsh indigenous and minority language contexts. Funded by the Academy of Finland 2011-2015.

Agency and languaging

  • The interdisciplinary network Agency and languaging: Perspectives on learning-in-the-world brings together scholars from different fields of study. The central concept that is studied is learning.

Dialogues of appropriation

  • The research project discusses a dialogical, socio-cognitive approach to second and foreign language learning and teaching, drawing on dialogism of the Bakhtin Circle, socio-cultural views of second language acquisition (SLA) / foreign language learning research, and various non-Cartesian approaches to cognition.

Identities in Motion 3M Network

  • 3M Identities in Motion: Multilingualism, Multiculturalism and Mobility in Nordic and Baltic countries. The 3M network aims at developing a new and innovative research platform for examining intertwined relations and tensions between identity, multilingualism and multiculturalism in Nordic and Baltic countries in an era of mobility.

Northern Multilingualism

  • The project aims at rethinking multilingualism in North Calotte and other peripheral contexts, with particular reference to globalisation and to minority languages.

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