Mental Violence in Communication Relationships at School and in the Workplace

Research project funded by the Academy of Finland, 2004−2009

Project leader: Ph.D. Maili Pörhölä

The aim of the present research project is to increase understanding of the interpersonal and group communication processes underlying mental violence in human relationships. Communication processes in which mental violence develops are examined in both school and working-life contexts. The studies focus on the communicative characteristics of school bullying and workplace harassment, on participants' interpretations of communication in bullying situations, on the developmental courses of bullying relationships and on the group processes related to bullying and harassment. In addition, the lifespan of bullying, from its beginning in school to its after-effects, including its possible continuance in working life, is examined, as well as the availability and effect of support in bullying processes. Particularly friends, parents and teachers are examined as providers of social support.


MA Sanna Karhunen (doctoral student): Adolescents' views on bullying at school
MA Teemu Kauppi (doctoral student): Family discourses on school bullying and parents’ understanding of the bullying processes involving their children
MA Teemu Kokko (doctoral student): Teachers' communication skills and abilities in tackling bullying
MA Vilja Laaksonen (doctoral student): The impact of interpersonal skills in the bullying processes of preschoolers
MA Sini Rainivaara (doctoral student): The development of a bullying relationship in the workplace
Ph.D. Maili Pörhölä (principal investigator): The lifespan of bullying: Developmental pathways and characteristics of the interpersonal relationships of bullies and victims