Curriculum 2005-2007

In studies of Finnish Sign Language, one of two options can be chosen: K1 (the programme of FinSL as a mother tongue) and K2 (the programme of FinSL as a foreign language). The programme of K1 can be taken by those whose mother tongue is (Finnish) Sign Language or whose language proficiency is estimated to be adequate. K2 is designed for those studying Finnish Sign Language as a foreign language. Both programmes of Finnish Sign Language can be studied at three levels: basic studies, subject studies and advanced studies.

A student of Finnish Sign Language will become familiar with the basics of linguistics, with the structure of signed languages and particularly the structure of Finnish Sign Language as well as with the sign language community and its culture, history and literature. Furthermore, the students of K1 will examine sign language communication, and the students of K2 will focus on acquiring language proficiency.

Those having studied Finnish Sign Language as their major subject work in assignments and jobs requiring expertise in sign language (e.g. as researchers and experts on sign language culture, literature or communication). The education of sign language subject teachers provides qualifications to work as a subject teacher of sign language in primary school, secondary and upper secondary school, vocational schools as well as in institutions of higher vocational level and adult education. The studies of Finnish Sign Language also build a firm basis for students to work as experts on learning materials and as researchers in teaching and learning.