Corporate Citizenship communication

Timonen Laura: Corporate Citizenship communication in a changing environment

The business environment of today calls for responsible conduct of
business that takes into consideration not only profits but also social
and environmental aspects. Stakeholders expect responsible conduct of
business, which can be described as acting like a good citizen. This
concept of Corporate Citizenship (CC) means that companies have certain
duties and responsibilities to bear as members of the society they operate
in. The current research of CC has circled around efforts to find a
comprehensive one-size-fits-all model for all organizations. To reveal the
actual varying citizenship profiles with their different emphasizes, this
dissertation looks into both sector-specific traits of CC as well as
environment-specific characteristics. The dissertation aims to clarify the
values behind corporate citizenship and analyze the role of communication
for corporate citizenship.

The research is linked to the national doctoral school of communication
studies (CORE) and it is expected to finish by the end of 2013.

Contact information: laura.timonen(at)jyu.fi