Research plan and research questions

Research questions

  • Phonetic:
    • What kind of phonetic features, particularly prosodic ones, characterise the pronunciation across different CEFR levels? What kind of language-specific features can be found (e.g. learners’ L1, distance between L1 and Swedish)? What language-independent features may be found (e.g. individual differences)?
    • What are the ”difficult” features to be learnt in each language despite of learners L1?
    • How does pronunciation develop? (e.g. during first 2 years of university studies of Swedish)
    • What features are important from the point of view of native speaker’s perception of foreign accent?
  • Didactic:
    • What teaching methods (e.g. listen and repeat, listening only) are effective in learning L2 pronunciation at adult age?
    • What kind of feedback is efficient in teaching pronunciation?

Aims in more detail (in Swedish)

Data (in Swedish)