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The concept of identities in motion is a critical issue of our time and a major interdisciplinary field of inquiry. With increased globalization issues of migration,  mobility and hybridity have become key issues also for Nordic and Baltic countries, leading to changing ideas, practices and processes multiculturalism and multilingualism, which in turn have consequences for voice, agency and identity.  In our multidisciplinary approach we will bring these different traditions together by taking a non-essentialist view of identity as a nexus point for historical, political, cultural and linguistic processes triggered and enhanced by mobility.

This network will explore these issues, drawing on high-level research in progress in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. While in each of the above-mentioned countries there is some novel research, the possibilities for collaboration provided by our network will allow for novel top-level research on multilingualism, multiculturalism or mobility from the point of view of identity and linguistic and cultural diversity. Moreover, our network will bring these different approaches and research teams together in order to understand the complexities and consequences of these processes, especially in regards to identity, voice and agency. This network aims at furthering the examination of the interconnectivity of these processes and practices, with a view toward their impact on identity.