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During the operating period of the 3M network, our goal is to

  • explore how multilingualism and multiculturalism in the Nordic and Baltic countries in this era of mobility affect identity and the linguistic, cultural and political aspects of practices and processes.
  • map, synthesize and develop theoretical and methodological concepts in these multidisciplinary areas of research, with an aim towards multidisciplinarity.
  • increase and develop transnational networking and co-operation among network members, their research institutions and environments, with an aim towards creating a research environment that facilitates an effective transfer of knowledge.
  • develop and strengthen doctoral and post-doctoral research training.
  • publish outcomes of this networking in international arenas and disseminate and make our work accessible to students in these areas, and to policymakers, NGOs and others interested in these topics.
  • plan a long-term networking collaboration among participants and their institutions.