3M mobility grants for 2010

3M Mobility Grants for 2010

The 3M Identity in Motion network offers 2 mobility grants for visits
between the network members and their research groups and institutions.
The grants are for short (3 – 7 days) research visits during the year
2010. The overarching goal of the visit is to advance research
collaboration between the members of the network and their host
institutions. The intended visit should fit into the themes of the
network and include research activities, such as collaborative writing,
preparing funding applications, teaching, a workshop or seminar on
related topics. Priority is given to post-doctoral researchers and Ph.D.
students in the network, but also other network members can apply.

The applicants are responsible for all arrangements in collaboration
with the host institutions and the named host. The applicant is expected
to contact the network member from the institution where she/he would
like to visit. Together with the host and her/his institute the
applicant drafts a working plan for the visit. It can include seminars,
presentations, working on a joint article, research proposal, funding
applications, tutoring of doctoral dissertation, and the like.

The grant can cover travel expenses in economy class, meals and
accommodation (for longer stays, the applicant is advised to look for a
university guesthouse or similar accommodation) for a maximum of 1 200
euros. Please note that according to Nordforsk guidelines, a daily
allowance or per diem cannot be paid and thus receipts are needed for
all payments. The costs are expected to be moderate. Costs will be
reimbursed after the visit on the basis of receipts and the original

The application deadline is 10 March 2010. Please enclose a short
description of the visit, including the name of the host, activities
planned, the outcome of the visit and the budget. Applicants should send
their applications to Sari Pietikäinen. The
applications will be evaluated by the steering committee of the network
on the basis of following requirements:
- quality of the working plan
- feasibility of the budget
- outcomes of the visit
- benefit for research training, career or Nordic collaboration

Professor Sari Pietikäinen