3M workshop on the problematics of interdiscursive analysis 24.3.2010

Dear members of the 3M identities in motion network,

We are happy to announce that our workshop activities continue with PhD Student Kati Kauppinens lead on the subject of interdiscursive analysis. The place is Jyväskylä University, class P 113, date 24.3.2010  at 11.00 - 12.30 Finnish time. You can participate also via Skype, just let Reetta know your Skype address.

Title of this session is:

On the problematics of interdiscursive analysis.
A nexus analytical view on Cosmopolitan Germany.

Kati Kauppinens PhD thesis investigates processes of neoliberal governance in the context of contemporary popular culture using the example of German edition of the international women’s magazine Cosmopolitan (year 2006) with a particular interest on the point of view of gender. The methodological framework draws on the nexus analytical approach initiated by Scollon & Scollon, the method for analyzing the data on linguistically oriented discourse analysis. Kati looks at her data as a nexus, a crossroads, in which different discursive elements, e. g. discourses and genres, come together from different directions and form a new dynamic constellation in this unique point.
The analysis concentrates on looking at particular discourses circulating through the sample of ten articles chosen for the focus of the analysis. Starting from some examples from Katis data she would like to discuss problems and questions related to interdiscursive analysis concentrating especially on the textual micro level.  

We hope that as many as possible of the networks members can participate. You will receive PowerPoint presentation about a week before the workshop.

You are warmly welcome!