1st 3M Identity in Motion Network Seminar: Voice and agency in multilingualism, multiculturalism and mobility


November 23-25, 2009  Oslo, Norway at the Rica Hotel, Bygdøy Allé

Mobility affects existing cultural and linguistic relations and hierarchies, and creates new language and cultural environments and language users. In these processes, the values and functions of languages are re-evaluated and reallocated. In this changing environment, people have multiple and conflicting points of navigation to orient themselves towards and multiple choices to make which affect their voice and agency: people with certain backgrounds and linguistic competences may lose their voice (cf. Russian-speakers in certain Baltic contexts) while others may gain a previously lost voice (cf. indigenous Sami language speakers in Nordic countries). Furthermore, the categorization and the rights granted on the bases of linguistic skills and/or ethnic background have a serious impact on agency. In the transnational context of the Nordic and Baltic countries, our aim in this seminar is to:

  • Explore languages hierarchies, ideologies and policies and their impact on people’s voice and agency.
  • Develop ways of examining these highly important and politicized dimensions of a hybrid identity in an era of mobility.

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