2nd 3M Identity in Motion Network Seminar: Creativity, performance and emotion in multilingualism, multiculturalism and mobility


2010 Spring seminar in Jyväskylä, 26.-28 May

While mobility affects existing relations and orders between languages and cultures, it also opens up a novel possibility to use linguistic and cultural resources to express and perform multiple identities. In these processes, multicultural authors can rewrite national and ethnic identities, multilingual musicians can mix language resources with the impact of reorganizing language hierarchies. Several museums of cultural history are engaged in matters pertaining to cultural diversity and the representation of others, and are thus reassessing ideas of uniform national identities and of boundaries that function as defenses of cultural integrity and authenticity. In these contacts, hybrid identities can be created and performed. Furthermore, the emotions linked to various cultures and languages make an impact on individual choices to use and display multiple resources, which affect issues of language learning and maintenance. Within the context of the Nordic and Baltic countries, our aim in this seminar is to explore:

  • How multicultural and multilingual identities are expressed and performed in emerging contexts and practices, and how they relate to old expressions of identities in a given context?

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