Anastassia Zabrodskaja

I received my MA in Estonian Philology from Tallinn University (Tallinn, Estonia) in 2005. I have almost finished doctoral studies in linguistics at Tallinn University. The pre-defence of my thesis “Russian-Estonian language contacts: Grammatical aspects of language use and change” was on 9 September 2009. The defence is scheduled to December 2009.

I have taught Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Communication and related courses in Tallinn University and Narva College of Tartu University (Narva, Estonia). My scholarly interests comprise language dynamics and language change in Estonia (incl. bilingual teaching, code-switching, multilingual conversation), linguistic landscapes and ethnolinguistic vitality.

I work as a guest lecturer at Narva College of Tartu University and as a training provider at the Centre for Management and Human Resources Development of Tallinn University Open University. In December 2008, I got an award “Training Provider of the Year at Tallinn University”.

I have been involved in the following research and development projects: “The analysis, modeling and control of the Estonian linguistic environment” (2003–2007), “Child language, interlanguage and code-switching corpora creation and description” (2005–2008), “New language learning system in Tallinn University” (2006–2008), “NORFACE Seminar Series on Social Aspects of Language Diversity” (2006–2008), “AILA Research Network on Multilingualism in Post-Soviet Countries” (2006–2010), “Ethnolinguistic vitality and identity construction: Estonia in the context of other Baltic countries” (2008–2011), “Russian-Estonian and English-Estonian code-switching and code-copying corpora creation and management” (2009–2013).

All my publications are downloadable here.