Åsa Palviainen

Åsa Palviainen (formerly Nordqvist) is a professor at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Palviainen earned her PhD degree in general linguistics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2001 and moved to Finland in 2003. Her doctoral dissertation was about children’s early language acquisition and language development in speech and writing. She has also conducted research on the language development of deaf children with cochlear implants. Currently her research interests primarily concern L2 teaching and learning (Swedish as a foreign language in Finland). This also includes an interest for the study of writing processes in L1 and L2.

Palviainen is at present engaged in three research projects at University of Jyväskylä. The first one, SVE2JU, is based on a large-scale survey and deals with Finnish-speaking university students and their attitudes towards, and proficiency in, Swedish. The second project, Topling (https://www.jyu.fi/hum/laitokset/kielet/topling/en), has as its main objective to compare cross-sectional and longitudinal patterns of development in the acquisition of writing skills in Finnish, English and Swedish as second languages in the Finnish educational system. Finally, Palviainen cooperates with Professor Paula Kalaja and Professor Riikka Alanen in their project From novice to expert, where language students (primarily teacher trainees) at the university are followed longitudinally.

In the context of this researcher network, Palviainen is cooperating with Professor Sally Boyd from the University of Gothenburg. Boyd and Palviainen are planning a joint research project in which the (meta-) linguistic awareness and language identities of young children (three years of age), living in multilingual environments, will be investigated from a sociolinguistic perspective.