Hanni Salo

My name is Hanni Salo and I am a PhD student in the Northern Multilingualism Project. I got my master’s degree (2008) in Finnish language teaching, but have since moved to applied linguistics and towards multilingualism. My MA thesis explored individuals’ multilingual resources and especially their experiences of using and learning Finnish as a second language.

Currently I am working on focusing my dissertation, which investigates the multilingual resources and language ideologies in North Finland from individuals’ point of view. I am interested in studying and developing new sociolinguistic theories of language as a resource as well as the use of multimodal data. I am especially interested in how individuals acquire, use, see and feel about their resources, and how they position themselves within their and their living environment’s repertoires as well as how their repertoires position them in society, in connection to concepts such as voice and agency. Methodologically, I feel that (critical) ethnography and discourse analysis are closest to my heart, but I am also interested in learning more about narrative analysis.