Mia Halonen

I am a researcher in the Centre for Applied Linguistics in University of Jyväskylä. I have different types of research areas from which the most relevant for our network are probably study on language testing, language use and linguistic resources in multiethnic and multilingual schools in Helsinki-area (part of project Helsinki Finnish: diversity, social identity and linguistic attitudes in an urban context, funded by Academy of Finland) and a research area, which I am only just approaching here in Jyväskylä, of interaction in social media as part of a larger research frame of learning and new media.

My background is in micro-analytical interaction studies, the most familiar research method being conversation analysis, an approach which ideas I have applied also in studies of written language as social interaction. My view of multilingualism is very broad including in addition of different languages also variation in one language and different types of genres as resources of ‘being multilingual’.

I also try “modestly” to ask how such macro level concepts as morality, norms and ideologies of different type are shown in the very details of linguistic interaction. Combining micro level phenomena with macro level research questions is for me an ideal way to do research. Previously I have studied e.g. how ideology of recovering is shown in therapy interaction (my dissertation) or how people interact at kiosks; there is probably nothing that would not interest me in the area of social interaction.