Minna Suni

I am a lecturer in Finnish Language at the University of Jyväskylä. My research areas are Finnish as a second language and language education of immigrants, and these are also the context of my current post-doc research within the project Dialogues of Appropriation: Dialogical perspectives to language learning and teaching (2008-2010), led by Hannele Dufva and funded by the Academy of Finland. The theoretical and methodological foundations of the project are in a dialogical approach to language and a sociocultural view on learning.

My dissertation (2008) dealt with conversational interaction as a second language learning environment where linguistic resources are actively recycled and shared, and my on-going study focuses on corresponding phenomena observable when labour migrants and their fellow workers are communicating at workplaces. The concepts of identity and participation are essential in the study.  Together with Sirkku Latomaa (University of Tampere) I am investigating how present-day Finnish schools are encountering the increasing multilingualism of their pupils.