Reetta Karjalainen

My name is Reetta Karjalainen and I am a PhD student at the Northern Multilingualism -project. I got my MA in Sámi Culture from the University of Oulu, and in my thesis I took a look of indigenous film festival Skábmagovat, which is held in Inari annually since the year 1999. As minors I have studied early childhood education, cultural anthropology and Northern Sámi language.

My research interests lie mainly in event tourism studies, sociolinguistics (especially in commodification of language and culture) and indigenous and minority language media research and anthropology. Currently I am working on finding the theoretical background and focus to my PhD thesis. It is going to concentrate to indigenous film festivals as a global phenomenon and to Skábmagovat film festival in particular. Methodologically I intend to use ethnography and discourse analysis, as well as some tourism studies paradigms to study power and ideology as well as cultural and social dimensions of indigenous film festivals.