Sandra Murinska

My name is Sandra Murinska. I`m a PhD student at the University of Latvia in Riga at the Department of Communications Studies. My PhD thesis is connected with media discourse, focusing on press discourse in the Latvian region of Latgale. In my investigation of media discourse, I am not only using the technique of content analysis, which offers a generally established approach, but would also like to try new methodological challenges. The aim of my dissertation is to identify tendencies in the functionality and quality of regional press discourse, including aspects of language usage.

My previous research experience is based on my Master Degree in Philology. In my MA “The stereotypes of mass culture in the lyrics of Latvian and Lithuanian hip-hop songs” I used research methods, which are still not frequently used in Latvia, for instance, the method of receptive aesthetics and the method of linguo-culturology which is currently getting more wide-spread. In addition, I used separate elements of the method  of linguistic view, thereby developing the spectrum of the use of this methodology in Latvian research practice.

Another important direction of my scientific activities is the approach of Linguistic Landscapes, the use of language in public space and the representation of languages. With my colleagues we have carried out research of the linguistic situation in Baltic States, especially focusing on the town of Rezekne as the heart of the multilingual region of Latgale. For the study of Linguistic Landscapes, I am also taking a look at question of geosemiotics: how do languages and signs create meaning in relation to where (and when) they are physically placed in the world.