Northern Multilingualism


Northern Multilingualism: Discourses, Practices and Experiences of Linguistic Diversity in North Calotte

The project aims at theoretical and empirical investigation of multilingualism in the transnational North Calotte. In its emphasis on the transcultural and economic flows and forces shaping local use of language, particularly minoritized languages, this project engages with recent research on linguistic diversity and change. Theoritically we draw on insight provided by sociolinguistic, critical discourse studies and ethnography by utilizing concepts such as languaging, heteroglossia, discourses, practices, experiences, language policy and ideologies.

Empirically, our aim is to investigate several locations within North Calotte and elsewhere with particular reference to media, tourism, families, schools and landscapes. The project is funded by the academy of Finland (2008–2011).

Director of the project is professor Sari Pietikäinen, Jyväskylä University. If you have questions on the project, please contact sari.p.pietikainen(a)jyu.fi.