Language, Culture and Identity in Migrant Narratives

(referred to as the SKI project = SKI (Språk, Kultur, Identitet)

The Project

SKI is a four-year project (2008 – 2012) funded by the Research Council of Norway and located at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo.

The main objectives of this project are: 1) to generate new knowledge of how identity is expressed, constructed, and negotiated in multilingual and culturally diverse settings, and to assess the relative roles of language and culture in this process; and 2) to integrate and refine methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives from different disciplines (linguistics, culture studies, literary studies) in the study of identity among migrants in Norway and beyond.

We aim to accomplish these goals through our focus on the study of narratives of migrants. The project will investigate in what ways narratives of migrant life present new understandings of cultural diversity.

The project consists of three research focus areas, each of which deals with the interplay among language (and more generally discourse), culture and identity in migrant narratives in ways that reflect the disciplines from which they emanate: linguistics, literary studies and culture studies. These are: The negotiation of identity in spoken migrant narrative discourse (Linguistics), Narratives of integration and identity formation in multicultural literature (Literary Studies), and Discourses of cultural diversity, and narratives of identity in museums of cultural history (Culture Studies)."

Project leader

Elizabeth Lanza
Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies
University of Oslo
Post Box 1102 Blindern
N - 0317 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 85 67 51
Fax: +47 22 85 71 00

Project webpage

Project members

Senior researchers

  • Elizabeth Lanza
  • Ingeborg Kongslien
  • Anne Golden
  • Saphinaz Amal Naguib

Junior researchers

  • Annika Myhr (doctoral candidate funded by SKI)
  • Bjørghild Kjelsvik (postdoc funded by SKI)
  • Pia Lane (postdoc funded by Research Council)
  • Anne-Valerie Sickinghe (doctoral candidate, own funding)