Added Value of Intangibles for Organizational Innovation

Full title: Added Value of Intangibles for Organizational Innovation;
a Flexible Response to Changes in the International Business Environment

Abbreviation: AVI

Researchers: Professor Marita Vos (scientific director), Vilma Luoma-aho (scientific coordinator), and other scientists of several disciplines

Duration: 2009 - 2011

Funding: Tekes and several companies

Abstract: AVI is a multidisciplinary research project based in Agora Centre. The research project provides a wider framework of conditions for innovation. It is not enough to take care of R&D in order to be competitive in a dynamic international market. Intangibles should be geared optimally towards innovation too, and provide a competitive edge, creating an internal atmosphere that fosters flexibility for innovation and change. The project provides an alternative way to look inside the ‘black box’ of innovation.

The project focuses on intangibles as drivers of organizational innovation for companies active in an international context. The outcome of this project will be a tool for analysis consisting of success factors that enhance "Added Value of Intangibles for innovation". This will enable organizations to check and improve their innovation performance. A number of companies will participate in the construction of the tool. In connection to the developed tool also ways for improvement and change management will be indicated. This helps turn intangible assets into tangible outcomes.

This project focuses on those intangibles that add value to organizational innovation, in the 4 following functional areas: human resource, communication, marketing, and information technology. When these intangibles contribute to innovation in an international context, they have a crucial role in a dynamic environment and contribute to improved international competitiveness of Finnish companies. We focus on organizational flexibility and related drivers for innovation, so on methods of working rather than on product development and R&D. Or one could also say that we look at these intangibles with an R&D perspective. Key-words are responsiveness and flexibility, because this will enable organizations to be sensitive to changes in the business environment and respond effectively to realize innovations.

For more information in Finnish: http://www.jyu.fi/erillis/agoracenter/tutkimus/acprojektit/servicesciences/aviprojekti