Agency and languaging: Perspectives on learning-in-the-world

Science Workshop 2010-2012

The interdisciplinary network Agency and languaging: Perspectives on learning-in-the-world brings together scholars from different fields of study. The central concept that is studied is learning. In workshop meetings, learning is approached from different theoretical viewpoints and further, data sessions will be arranged for analyzing data with different methodological tools. Seeking new angles for understanding the perennial research issues in the study of human cognition and language, the aim of the network participants is to discuss a non-individualist conceptualization of learning and the role of language as a meditational means.

The aim of the workshop series is - through an interdisciplinary discussion – achieve a reconceptualisation of ‘learning’ and ‘language’. Coming from different fields of study (such as language studies, cognitive science, psychology, and education), the network participants examine human cognition from a holistic point of view where social, cognitive and embodied perspectives are combined. Human activity is regarded as ecological or systemic in nature: that is, it is seen as connected with different environment(s)–whether in the sense of the physical Umwelt or in the sense of the social and cultural world with its different semiotic resources and means.


January 4, 2013. It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our colleague and friend, Professor Leo van Lier.

Leo's obituary: http://www.miis.edu/about/newsroom/stories/node/30394