Research meeting and seminar


9.00 – 16.00 (C5): Seminar Rethinking communicative activity: interdisciplinary perspectives

Open to students and staff members.


9:00 Opening words by Hannele Dufva

9:15 Timo Järvilehto: The theory of the organism-environment system as a basis for experimental research in reading

10:00 Stephen Cowley: Linguistic message making

10:45 Yrjö Engeström: Analyzing the discursive shaping of agency in formative interventions


11:30 Lunch break


12:30 Tommi Nieminen: Localization as languaging?

13:15 Steven Thorne: Semiotic agility

14:00 Leo van Lier: Control, agency and languaging: Who's minding the store?

14:45 Hannele Dufva: Cognizing, languaging and interactivity: Reconsidering the nature of “mental linguistic knowledge”

Time for discussion; seminar ends ca. 16:00