CEFLING dissemination: Alanen et al (2006)

Alanen, Riikka, Franceschina, Florencia, Huhta, Ari, and Martin, Maisa. 2006. A progress report on the CEFLING project. Paper presented at SLATE Workshop, 1-2 December 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


This presentation will report on the initial work we have done on CEFLING (Linguistic Basis of the Common European Framework for L2 English and L2 Finnish), a three-year Finnish Academy funded project.

The main aim of CEFLING is to find out how L2 English and L2 Finnish learners' proficiency develops from one CEF level to the next. The project will focus on the linguistic features of L2 writing and we hope to get writing performances from the full range of CEF levels. The project will also compare the writing performances of adult and young learners at each level in order to find out whether the CEF levels, which were originally formulated for adult SLA, are also valid for child SLA. Finally, the project also aims to shed light on the relationship between the pedagogical tasks used in the Finnish curriculum and the tasks proposed for teaching and assessment in the CEF manual.

We are currently at the planning and piloting stage and we will report on our decisions and rationale regarding the following:

*    data selection (cross-sectional and longitudinal)

*    writing tasks

*    language areas to focus on for analysis

*    developmental measures and analytical tools

We would like to be able to compare our findings to those of other studies looking at other L1/L2 combinations and skills other than writing, so we welcome information and suggestion from the other partners about how to align our work to related projects where possible.