FiDiPro course A Sociolinguistics of Globalization, March 17-18

The FiDiPro project will arrange a two-day PhD course "A Sociolinguistics of Globalization" on March 17-18, 2009 (at 10-16, Lyhty).



FiDiPro Professor Jan Blommaert

Course description:

This course is intended to sketch a new theoretical platform for sociolinguistics in an age of globalization. Globalization forces sociolinguistics to abandon the primacy of locality in its approach: sociolinguistics has traditionally been well at ease when studying a village, while now it needs to study the world. Issues such as semiotic mobility become central to sociolinguistic research, and the theme of mobility introduces a score of new issues: networks versus communities, voice instead of meaning, and so on. The course will explore these issues, drawing on (and based on) the text of 'A sociolinguistics of globalization' (Jan Blommaert, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2009), and on examples from Africa, Asia and Europe.


Course structure:

Session 1: The issues: mobility and problems with locality and synchrony

Session 2: The globalized linguistic marketplace                              

Session 3: Globalization and semiotic histories           

Session 4: Old and new inequalities


Background reading: The book referred to in the course description is available here and illustrations for the book here.


It is recommended that those attending the course will read the book beforehand.


Credit: Students will receive 1 credit point for attendance and 5 credit points for attendance and a written assignment.  


Registration: Please register by email (multilingualism(a)jyu.fi) by February 27.