Professor Monica Heller's guest lecture 29 September

Professor Monica Heller’s guest lecture and seminar

29 September 2009


Professor Monica Heller (University of Toronto) visits our department at the end of September and will give a lecture on language ideologies and a seminar on methodologies of sociolinguistic ethnography on Tuesday 29 September (please see the descriptions below). Both events are open to anyone interested but those who want to attend the seminar should register at multilingualism@jyu.fi by Fri 18 September.


“Nationalism, post-nationalism and modernity: language ideologies in francophone Canada”

Tue 29 September at 12-14, Lyhty

In this talk Heller will discuss some of the ideological tensions around ideologies of language, nation and State in francophone Canada which are emerging in the wake of major political economic shifts (involving crisis and change in Canada's primary resource extraction and industrial economies, and the emergence of the globalized new economy based on the tertiary sector). Data come from a series of multi-sited ethnographic projects.


Seminar on methodologies of sociolinguistic ethnography

Tue 29 September at 14-17, Lyhty

The seminar will focus on challenges to traditional methods of sociolinguistic ethnography presented by contemporary forms of mobility and social change. The discussion will cover some of the multi-sited team sociolinguistic ethnographic methods that Heller and her colleagues and students have developed and address the pros and cons of these new methods.