WILD - Working Papers in Language Diversity

In the wake of processes of economic and cultural globalization and new kinds of cultural and linguistic flows, societies, cultures and people's lives are increasingly shaped by linguistic pluralism, heterogeneity and diversity. This online series is designed to communicate work in progress and to disseminate new findings in areas related to the core theme of language diversity.

The series focuses on language diversity both as a global, societal phenomenon and as embedded in situation-specific and local practices which structure participation in social activity. It publishes previously unpublished research investigating:

  • multilingualism as a problem and a resource in society
  • ideologies, language policies and language rights
  • language contact and change
  • multilingual discourses and practices in varying social settings
  • meanings and modalities of multilingualism
  • language diversity, social action and interaction
  • language learning and multilingualism.

Published working papers, all available for free download.

Editorial group

  • Jan Blommaert
  • Hannele Dufva
  • Sirpa Leppänen
  • Mika Lähteenmäki
  • Sari Pietikäinen
  • Arja Piirainen-Marsh