Saija Peuronen


Language, participation and spaces of identification

- The construction of socio-ideological meanings in a Christian youth community -

I am a post-graduate student at the Department of Languages, University of Jyväskylä. In my doctoral thesis, I address questions of participation, identification, and the construction of socio-ideological meanings in a youth community. In particular, my research focuses on a community of young Finnish Christians who share an interest in snowboarding and other lifestyle sports.

My thesis is based on four research articles and each of the individual articles deals with different types of data gathered both from social media spaces and offline settings. Each data set (interviews, web forum discussions, face-to-face interactions and amateur online videos) represents a different genre of the Christian snowboarders’ communicative practices. The analyses of the snowboarders’ multilingual and heteroglossic language use, interactions and multimodal performances help to understand the ways in which they construct shared knowledge, participatory roles and identifications with specific groups, cultures and values.

The study will contribute to the multidisciplinary framework of the Language and Superdiversity project by incorporating sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and ethnography into the micro-level examination of the community members’ sociolinguistic and social-semiotic repertoires.


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  • EKIP404 Discourse and Literacy
  • KLSS113 Näkökulmia monikielisyyteen
  • EKIS512 Multilingualism and Transcultural Practices