Maiseman tuotteistamisen strateginen hallinta ja kriittiset menestystekijät paikkamarkkinoinnissa

Strategic management of product-development and branding of the natural environment

Researchers: Professor Marita Vos and Maarit Vuorinen, MSocSc

Funding: Sitra

Funding Pediod: 1.3. - 31.10.2011

The department contributes to a Sitra-funded project on place branding in 2011. Researcher Maarit Vuorinen and prof. Marita Vos investigate how rural places are profiled, on which characteristics this is based and how communication and cooperation are implemented. Different network actors involved in regional development will be taken into account, e.g. customers, community, local government and local entrepreneurs. Furthermore, a comparison will be made of the brand management of places in various municipalities to clarify strategic management of product development and branding of the natural environment. Points of attention are: multiplicity of landscape meanings, and the management and necessary structures of product-development and branding.