Multilingualism as a problematic resource

In many European countries, increasing multilingualism is shaping people’s everyday lives. This poses new challenges for research and requires newly honed theorizations and empirical work. As an answer to this call for research, the Norface seminar series aims at a re-theorization of multilingualism as a key resource in complex, multi-ethnic and linguistically varied societies, and strives for an empirical reinvigoration of research on multilingualism in different European contexts.

Building on recent theoretical and methodological work in sociolinguistics, discourse studies and ethnography, the seminar series addresses


    • both the ‘global’ and ‘local’ processes and patterns of multilingualism
    • the role and position of various languages
    • linguistic variation in the lives of individuals and groups


The aim is to provide research-based information on what people do at the local level of discourse when they negotiate the choice and use of particular language resources in communicative situations and texts.