Selected publications - Leena Huss

Monographies and edited volumes:

[Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark (ed.-in-chief) and Leena Huss, Stefan Oeter and Alastair Walker (co-eds.)] International Obligations and National Debates: Minorities around the Baltic Sea: The Åland Islands: The Åland Peace Institute. 608 p. (2006)

[Huss, Leena & Lindgren, Anna-Riitta, eds.]
Rätten till eget språk – Oikeus omaan kieleen. Språklig emancipation i Finland och Sverige 1. [’Right to one’s own language. Language emancipation in Finland and Sweden Uppsala University: Centre for Multiethnic Research 140 p. (2005)

[Huss, Leena, Camilleri Grima, Antoinette & King, Kendall (eds.)] Transcending Monolingualism. Linguistic Revitalisation in Education. Swetz & Zeitlinger, Lisse. 297 p. (2003)

[Boyd, Sally & Huss, Leena, eds.]. Managing multilingualism in a European nation-state: Challenges for Sweden. Special volume, Current Issues in Language and Society & Multilingual Matters. Clevedon, Avon. 90 p. (2001)

Reversing Language Shift in the Far North: Linguistic Revitalization in Northern Scandinavia and Finland. Uppsala University: Studia Uralica Upsaliensia 31. 212 p. (1999)

Simultan tvåspråkighet i svensk-finsk kontext. [’Simultaneous bilingualism in a Swedish-Finnish context’].Uppsala University:  Studia Uralica Upsaliensia 21. 186 p. (1991)


Book chapters:

[Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Sia & Huss, Leena] “Ten years of minority discourse in Sweden”. Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Sia (ed-in-chief.) Minorities around the Baltic Sea. Åland: Ålands Fredsinstitut. (2006)

“The National Minority Languages in Sweden”. Extra, Guus & Gorter, Durk (eds.) The other languages of Europe: Demographic, sociolinguistic, and educational perspectives, 137-157, Multilingual Matters Ltd., Clevedon, Avon. (2001)

“Language, Culture, and Identity in the Schools of Northern Scandinavia”. Grant, Carl A. & Lei, Joy L. (eds.): Global Constructions of Multicultural Education: Theories and Realities. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. (2001)


[Leena Huss & Anna-Riitta Lindgren)] “Scandinavia”. Fishman, Joshua A. (ed.), Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity, 300-318. New York & Oxford. (1999)