Step two

Editing your user profile

You can access your user profile at any time by clicking on your name (Petri Kinnunen in the example) or your user picture. Moodle will then show your profile such as the other users will see it. For example:

You can change the information in your profile, by clicking the Edit profile button in your profile or the Edit profile link in the Administration box in any course. When you have clicked the Edit Profile button, all profile options will open as shown below:

Check that your name is spelt correctly. Do make sure that the correct e-mail address is filled in, because Moodle will send messages  to that address.

With the E-mail digest type you can set whether you want to receive separate copies of every discussion message posted in your course(s) (setting No digest), or whether you want to receive one message per day that lists all the messages (settings Complete and Subjects)

For the item Forum auto-subscribe choose: No (It is better to choose later from which forums you wish to receive mail).

If you select Yes for Forum tracking, every forum in every course can list and highlight unread forum posts.

Continue with your personal information (town and country).  You can also see an option to set the language of your choice. This affects the interface and moodle helpfiles. (click the black question mark in the yellow circle to launch moodle help) Note that the interface language in Norface virtual workspace is already fixed to English by the administrator so your preferred language selection has no effect there. In addition, it should be noted that the language selection only changes the interface, it does not affect the language of  materials added to an environment. 

Fill in a short description of yourself, so that your colleagues know who you are, but remember that all users of Moodle can read your profile, so do not get too personal.

The optional items are not needed to create your profile, but they can be useful. If you upload a picture of yourself, or an avatar, to give a face to your profile, you will come across more as a person to the other users.

To add a picture to your profile, click the Browse button. Look up the picture you want to use and double-click it. The link to the picture will appear in the browse box (note that the picture file must not be too big, 50 Kb or less is usual). Use picture sized to 100 x 100 pixels so it can fit in the picture box.

You can now click Update profile at the bottom of the page and you will see your updated profile. Note that you can always return to your profile and make changes in your selections and personal information when required.


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