Leila Kääntä


Leila Kääntä  

Postdoctoral researcher, PhD
Tel: +358 40 80 53 196

Email: leila.a.kaanta(a)jyu.fi
Room: P 106


I received my PhD in March 2010 and since then I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher in Varieng and, as of August 2011, in the English section in the Department of Languages.

Varieng period:
During the Varieng 2006-2011 period, I finished my PhD study Teacher turn-allocation and repair practices in classroom interaction: a multisemiotic perspective. As a member of the Jyväskylä team of Varieng, I also took part in designing and reporting the findings of the National Survey of English in Finland, both in Finnish and in English. I also co-edited Kolmas Kotimainen with Sirpa Leppänen and Tarja Nikula (2008). The book provides an overview of the research conducted by the Jyväskylä team and of some of our core interest areas at the time. In addition, I co-edited another book in Finnish Kieli, keho ja vuorovaikutus: multimodaalinen näkökulma sosiaaliseen toimintaan (2011) with Pentti Haddington (University of Helsinki).

Current research:
My postdoctoral research deals with how knowledge and different types of competencies and skills are co-constructed by teachers and students in and through classroom interaction. In principal, I am describing what kinds of epistemic positions. i.e. displays of knowledge, participants create and negotiate for themselves and for each other as they perform task-based classroom activities. By drawing on conversation analysis and the study of multimodal interaction, the analysis not only describes the ways in which language is used to display epistemics, but also how other semiotic resources are harnessed for depicting them.

In addition to being fascinated about how language learning, and learning in general, is socially constructed in and through people's everyday activities, I am interested in the study of multimodal interaction and pragmatics.