Heidi Koskela


Heidi Koskela  

Reseacher, PhD
Tel: +358 40 80 53 193
Internal short number: 5158
Email: heidi.koskela(a)jyu.fi


Constructing expertise in broadcast interaction

I am a postgraduate student in the Department of Languages. In my doctoral research I study the use of English in Finnish television interviews.

My research focuses on the epistemological organization of television interviews, in other words finding out the procedures with which the participants negotiate and organize the amount and the nature of knowledge in interaction. I approach my data from a conversation analytic perspective. Being an inductive approach conversation analysis is well suited to describe those mechanisms that the participants themselves use to understand and organize the interactive event.

The data that I use consist of television interviews that are recorded from Finnish television. In my data the interviewers are Finnish and the interviewees come from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The participants do not share a common native language, so they use English as an international language. In my data the interaction takes place in an institutional setting. The special characteristics of the setting are also of interest to me, since the participants´ institutional roles often carry with them an asymmetry of participation rights, which is closely linked with the asymmetry of knowledge. There are asymmetries of access to both linguistic knowledge and institutional knowledge in my data.

I began my doctoral studies in September, 2003. From the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2007 I was on maternity leave. The goal of my study is to reveal ways with which the participants´ nature and amount of knowledge are negotiated in the media and what practices are used in the social construction of expertise in interaction.