Marianne Toriseva


Marianne Toriseva  

PhD student, MA
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Skateboarders’ multilingual texts: the social discursive approach to language variation in written discourse

I am a postgraduate student of Finnish at the Department of Languages. In my doctoral research I investigate written Finnish skateboarding discourse.

The aim of my study is to show what written Finnish skateboarding discourse is like discursively and socially: what kinds of language forms are used in different situations (i.e. texts in their subcultural and institutional contexts) and what kinds of social and discursive meanings are being constructed and realized in these situations, especially through using words, expressions, sentences and longer sequences of text in other languages than Finnish.

My data consist of texts from Finnish skateboarding magazines (i.e. Dekki, Numero, HangUp) written by and for Finnish young (adult) skateboarders. The Finnish skateboarding discourse is multilingual: while the texts are primarily written in Finnish, they also contain a high number of English terminology and expressions. The use of other languages, such as Spanish and Swedish, is common as well.

In my analysis I will mainly draw on insights provided by systemic-functionally oriented study of discourse (see, e.g., Halliday & Matthiessen 2004; Martin & White 2005). I will also apply theoretical and methodological insights and concepts from research of sociolinguistic variation of (spoken) language (see, e.g., Auer 1998, 1999; Jørgensen 2008; Otsuji & Pennycook 2009).

I am interested in studying written data, the social and discursive meanings and functions of written texts and of linguistic features in texts. The study of variation of languages (multilingualism, heteroglossia, polylingualism) is also of interest to me, particularly when dealing with written data – both in traditional and new media contexts.

I began my doctoral studies in 2003 in a project called English Voices in Finnish Society (2003–2006) in Jyväskylä. I was on maternity and nursing leave from summer 2005 until the end of year 2006, and from 2008 until the summer 2010. Currently I am working as a PhD student in the Jyväskylä research team of the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG).