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Main research areas of Varieng

Research areas of VARIENG Jyväskylä team


Classroom cultures and practices of learning

Most Finnish schoolchildren learn English as a foreign language at some point during their education. There are also classrooms where English is used as a medium of instruction. In addition, a great deal of voluntary learning of English takes place incidentally in informal contexts... Read more.


Multilingual practices in the media

English has a strong presence in the Finnish media. It is often used in TV, on the radio, and in the new media. English also enters the everyday lives of Finns through such popular cultural practices as music, films and electronic games... Read more.


Multilingualism and youth language

It is an established fact that in youth language the influence of English is particularly clear. We investigated English as a meaningful linguistic and communicative resource that young people draw on in sophisticated ways to create social meaning... Read more.


English in the construction of identities and cultures

English is a rich source of terminology in many subcultures and leisure activities. However, the use of English may also have more complex meanings... Read more.


English in business contexts

English is the most commonly used foreign language in Finnish business contexts. As work is becoming more and more international, professionals in different fields need to operate in English without any help from language experts... Read more.


National survey on the English language in Finland

In 2007 the Jyväskylä unit of VARIENG carried out a national survey on Finns’ uses of and attitudes to English to find out how Finns use English, and what their opinions and attitudes are towards English language... Read more.