Practices of learning English

Research on classroom cultures and practices of learning


Most Finnish schoolchildren learn English as a foreign language at some point during their education. In addition, there are classrooms where English is used as a medium of instruction for some or most subjects at both the primary and secondary level.

But English is not encountered only at school: it is especially common for young people to use English in various ways in their everyday activities. Therefore learning English is not confined to formal environments as a great deal of voluntary learning takes place incidentally in informal contexts.

We have investigated how English is used and learned in various classroom and everyday contexts and activities, the distribution of English and Finnish in these activities, and how English as an object or a tool of study or as a means of communication is reflected in discourse practices.

Our studies on language use have been informed by pragmatics, conversation analysis, ethnography, literacy research and multimodal discourse analysis.

Studies on practices of learning: