National survey on the English language in Finland: Uses, meanings and attitudes

A national survey on the uses and meanings of English in Finland and attitudes attached to it

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Kansallinen kyselytutkimus englannin kielestä Suomessa   National Survey on the English Language in Finland

In 2009 the Jyväskylä unit of VARIENG published a national survey on Finns’ uses of and attitudes to English (the Finnish baseline report). The survey was carried out in the autumn 2007 in cooperation with Statistics Finland, and its purpose was to find out how Finns use English, and what their opinions and attitudes are towards English language. The English baseline report was published in 2011 in Varieng eSeries.

The key questions of the survey:

  • Who uses English in Finland?
  • Why is English used?
  • Where and how is English used?
  • What do Finns think about English and its impact on Finnish society?

Nationally, the survey is important in providing information for a reassessment of Finland’s language situation and language education policies. Internationally, the uniqueness of the survey lies in the fact that, unlike many other surveys on the uses of and attitudes to English of non-Anglophone speakers, it is not limited to any specific social group, but is targeted at the whole nation. This makes it one of the most extensive surveys to date on the uses and functions of English in contexts where English is either a second or a foreign language.

More detailed information on the survey:

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