Tuire Oittinen

Tuire Oittinen
PhD student, MA
Email: tuire.oittinen@jyu.fi

Cooperative discourse strategies in intercultural business meetings

The focus of my compilation dissertation is on recognizing intercultural business meetings as joint achievements in today's technology-enabled working environments. Furthermore, I am interested in the overall organization of meetings and those discursive practices that are successfully formed to create and uphold collaborative atmosphere.

My study takes up a “bottom-up” approach and investigates talk-in-action within its institutional context. The data was gathered by observing and video recording meetings on the spot. By drawing on both Conversation Analysis (CA) and multimodality the articles aim to describe how the participation framework is dynamically co-constructed in distant (i.e. technology-mediated) meetings and how team and discourse identities are negotiated "into being" in the course of interaction.

My dissertation will contribute to the growing field of business meeting research which has fairly recently started to attract linguistic scholars to make microanalytic approach more visible among traditional studies of business communication.