Maisterintutkielmien saatavuustiedot löytyvät yliopiston kirjaston opinnäytehaun kautta. / You can check the availability of the Master's Theses by using the Thesis Search of the University Library.


RODRIGO, Geethika Harshani: Between uncertainty and hope: A qualitative analysis of how young, highly educated Europeans perceive the acceptance of refugees into Europe. 2018

ZHANG, Lijing: Prejudice against Asian Immigrants in France. 2018


AALTO, Johannes: Serious games as catalyst for intercultural litaracy development? A case study of Immigropoly. 2017

ATTARIEH, Maziar: A qualitative study of using movies as a means of escapism between Finns and immigrants in  Finland. 2017

BAGDASAROV, Riina: "I felt like a lonely person in the desert": A Case Study on Factors Moderating Interunit Communication in Multinational Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationship. 2017

BEIROTH, Ann Christin: Between the old and the new: the impact of communal traditional values and practices on the cultural identity of young and old Basotho. 2017

BURNS, Graham: Managing the repatriation of professionals following overseas assignment. 2017

FERLATTE KUISMA, Rachel: Successful Adaptation of Immigrants to Finland: Can Cultural Fusion Work? 2017

FISK, Mika & VAARALA, Sanna: The Use of Communication Accommodation Strategies in a Group Work. A Case Study of Four Meetings. 2017

GODA-SAVOLAINEN, Margarita: Social support and well-being of refugees in Finland. 2017

HARJULA, Anni: The role and presence of conflicts in romantic Erasmus relationships. 2017

JACKSON, Kelsea: Intercultural empathy between Palestinian and Israeli Individuals: A qualitative study utilizing Grounded Theory. 2017

LINTALA, Eeva: From propaganda to a blockbuster: The role of nationality in the reinterpretation of Captain America for modern, international audiences. 2017

PARTTIMAA, Eini: Trust and team identification at multicultural workplaces – Perceptions of Finnish HR professionals. 2017

PODUSOVA, Antonina: Conflict management in the international context: Analyzing the role of the United Nations in the Western Sahara conflict. 2017

SIEVERT, Annika: “It’s not about the passport” – The perception of Finnish citizens with a foreign background in the wake of the Refugee Crisis. 2017

TANG, Yanzhe: The sculpture of tick-borne diseases media coverage in the United States and China. 2017

YU, Yang: A comparative study between Chinese and Finns: Communication accommodation and values exchange in grandparent and grandchild communication. 2017


AHLSTEN, Jaakko: A comparative case study of Sony Computer Entertainment's crisis communication efforts during two PlayStation Network crises. 2015 

CHEN, Hui: Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Influence of Humor on Organizational Dissent in the US, Korea, Japan and China. 2016

CUI, Xuejun: A comparative analysis between Finns and Chinese: how communication traits affect self-disclosure in intercultural friendships? 2016

PAATELAINEN, Laura: A Functional Analysis of the Finnish 2012 Presidential Debates. 2016

SCHMIT, Baylei: Sexual communication among intercultural couples with a Finnish partner. 2016

SHEN, Tingting: Cross-cultural Analysis of Teacher Confirmation, Student Motivation, Classroom Emotion and Emotional Interest in China, Korea and Japan. 2016

TIKKANEN, Niina: Images of the Other in Finnish Primary School Geography Books. 2016

YANG, Weiyuan: Conflict management in long-distance intercultural relationships. 2016


AN, Bo: The self-perceived commitment and relationship maintenance behaviors among Finnish-Chinese couples in Finland: an application of the investment model in intercultural romantic relationship studies. 2015

BENNUNG, Martin: The conjoint conceptualization and negotiation of national cultures - A qualitative study of discursive culture-concepts, their function and their relation to stereotypes. 2015

CHENG, Ziying: Intercultural Communication Difficulties and Their Effects on Flight Safety. 2015

CHOU, Chia-Yu: Relational Tensions in Subgroup Relationships. A Case Study of Synchronous Communication in a Global Virtual Team. 2015

GALY-BADENAS, Flora: A qualitative study of male and female perceptions in differences in the working and domestic sphere. A comparison of the French and Finnish cultures. 2015

HERMUNEN, Riikka: Re-entry Issues and Challenges of Finnish Repatriates. Study of Corporate Expatriates, Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Employees of the Defence Forces. 2015

HUANG, Judy Yu-Chu: Moving on the trajectory: A qualitative study of new immigrants' acculturation in Finland. 2015

JELEKÄINEN, Emmi: Immigrant artists’ intercultural identity formation and development process through art making. 2015

JÄNTTI, Piia: The usage of social media among young adults living in Nairobi, Kenya. Only entertainment or contributions to societal change. 2015

KUCHMA, Anna: Relationship between intercultural friendship networks and homesickness level of international degree students at a Finnish univerity. 2015

LAUWO, George: Cultural Similarity and Dissimilarity in Intercultural Conflicts. 2015

LUOMA, Anne: Cultural blindness as a strength of a leader. Case: Finnish coordinators leading multinational, decentralized, and virtual teams. 2015

NGUYEN, Thi Thanh Thao: The roles of linguistic confidence and integrative motivation on cross-cultural adaptation of Asian degree students Finland. 2015

OKKER, Susanna: Exploring Otherisation in International Cooperation. Experiences of Otherisation among Liberian NGO Directors in International Humanitarian and Development Cooperation. 2015

PENMAN, Eloise: Communication accommodation between healthcare providers at a private hospital in England: How does identity talk? 2015

PUUMALA, Satu: International students' perceptions on their adaptation to Indonesia and their intercultural relationship development.  Special focus on differences in communication styles and the role of English as a lingua franca. 2015

SCHRÖDER, Christin: Impact of Organisational Practices and Language on an International Business Cooperation: The Case of a German-Slovakian Corporation. 2015

SHARAPAN, Maria: Tibetan Refugees in Nepal. Identity Negotiation. 2015

SIISKONEN, Asta: The Other at the Workplace: Power and Language in a Multicultural Workplace. 2015

TOMMILA, Maaria: Finnish-German Young Adults’ Bicultural Identity and Its Realization in Finland. 2015

YU, Shunyao: Japanese anime and woman's gender-role changing. 2015


AGHAEE, Atefeh: Acculturation of Russian immigrants in Finland: Cultural maintenance, interpersonal communications and language skills. 2014

HIRVONEN, Sarianna: Cultural Identity Gaps: A Study of Zadie Smith's Novels White Teeth (2001) and On Beauty (2006). 2014

KOSONEN, Satu: Diversity management and intercultural communication experiences in multicultural organisations in South Ostrobothnia. 2014

MYRY, Tanja: Motivations and domain specificity in intercultural adaptation: Bloggers' experiences in their new host countries. 2014

NIEMELÄ, Suvi: Empathy and intercultural understanding in the context of international long-term volunteering. 2014

POPP, Ioana: Three Sides to a Story: An Investigation into the Applicability of Cultural Adjustment Models. 2014

SCHOLL, Alexandra: Relationship-oriented communicative managerial practices to promote effectiveness in long-term multicultural team: Managers' perceptions of their successful practices at a multinational organization. 2014

SWARTS, Christoffer: Adapting to Finland through Professional Football: Perceptions of Players and Coaches. 2014

YANG, Aiyun: Intercultural crisis communication during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. 2014

ZENG, Cheng: Organizational dissent and workplace freedom of speech: A qualitative study of young professional intra-urban migrant workers in Shanghai. 2014


APPENRODT, Juliane: A comparison of two models explaining the same phenomenon: A comparative analysis of Cultural Intelligence and the Integrated Model of Intercultural Communication Competence. 2013

EMDE, Barbara: "All communication is intercultural". Applying the concepts of culture shock and adaptation to transition processes of graduates from student life to work life. 2013

HURLEY, William: Culture, branding and national identity in the era of globalization: A study of beer brands in the Finnish market. 2013

LEPPÄNEN, Jenni: The Unspoken Pressure of Tradition: Representations of East Asian Classical Musicians in Western Classical Music. 2013

MÄENPÄÄ MELO, Maija: "I've been raised to value the human equality". Finnish as Second Language Teachers' Intercultural Communication Competence at the integration training of Vantaa Adult Education Institute. 2013

MITRUNEN, Maiju: Refugee Children's Friendships and the Historical Context of Their Migrations: Qualitative Case Study of Congolese Children's Current Friendships in Finland and Past Experiences as Refugees in Rwanda, 1996 - 2012. 2013

VÄLIPAKKA, Hannele: International Nurses' Experiences and Perceptions of Their Work Orientation in Finnish Health Care. 2013


AOYAGI, Takumi: Local culture in the context of international tourism. Japanese tourists' perceptions of the culture of Saariselkä and the views of Japanese travel agents. 2012

FAY, Lisa: Ten Finnish business actors' perceptions of their Chinese business partners and key personnel. 2012

GOMZINA, Irina: Multilayered Cultural Identity and the Perception of the Self. 2012

GUILLÉN MORA, Glenda: Intercultural Competence Needs of Exchange Students Coming to or Going Abroad from the University of Costa Rica. 2012

PIETIKÄINEN, Anna-Mari: Discourses of integration. Immigrants' perceptions of cross-cultural adaptation in letters to the editor. 2012

SOMMIER, Mélodine: Exploring the phenomenon of host conformity pressure. Immigrants' experiences of host conformity pressure in Finland in relation to their acculturation processes. 2012

TEPPONEN, Tytti: Who Am I? Reconstructing Cultural Identity Upon Reentry. 2012


ERPESTAD, Mikko: Culture and perceptions of power in teacher-student communication. 2011

HIRAI, Kanako: Communication Behaviors of Exchange Students as Perceived by Themselves and Their Hosts: Japanes Students in Finland. 2011

JOLY, Vincent: Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions reflected in Finnish and French television commercials. 2011

METSÄ-KETELÄ, Johanna: Intercultural Management Competence in Finnish Multicultural Working Life. Case: Aamujakelu Oy. 2010

NATAROVA, Tatyana: Intercultural communication experiences of foreign students with a focus on their perspectives of national, cultural and ethnic identity: Case of exchange and degree students in Jyväskylä, Finland. 2011

OLKINUORA-GUZMAN, Johanna: Interpersonal relationships of immigrant students. 2011

PENG, Fei: Intercultural Frienship Development Between Finnish and International Students. 2011

RÄSÄNEN, Elli: ”We feel their genuine kindness”: An intercultural approach to Japanese tourist satisfaction with Finnish service encounters. 2011

SIPOLA, Anne: Intercultural communication in experience tourism in the Inari area. 2011

VANHANEN, Riikka: Examining the Discourses on Cross-Border Cooperation: Construction of Space and Interaction at the Finnish-Russian Border. 2010


COOLMAN, Michel: Sports and Identity. Case study: Chech Republic and ice hockey. 2010

GROTE, Joanna: Nationilism: Belonging to the Spaces Between. Conceptualizing Nation-less Identity and Belonging. 2010

ERANKA, Essi: Communication, gender and Finnish female business leaders: Does communication of female business leaders in the Finnish stock market differ from male leaders according to their own perspective? 2010

KORKALAINEN, Maija: Adapting to a Finnish workplace. Case: Occupational immigration of Chinese metal workers. 2010

SADOVNICOV, Andrei: The relationship between cultural dimensions and payment delays in the context of the European Union. 2010

SNELLMAN, Olli: Kulttuuri ja psykoterapia. Terapiapuhe kulttuurienvälisessä kontekstissa. 2010

ZIMMERMANN, Kristin: Intercultural Competence as a Success Factor of Virtual Multicultural Teams – A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Global HR Teams. 2010


ELBANNA, Amira: "Where do I belong?" Examining the Cultural Identity of Bicultural Individuals. 2009

ILKKA, Virve: Is timing everything? An exploration of timing in intercultural communication studies and its role in training at the Finnish defence forces international centre. 2009

JARVA, Karin: Immigrants as clients. Adaptation of Finnish municipal employees to increasingly multicultural working environments: the case of Siikajoki. 2009

MOTYROV, Volodymyr: The image of Finland as the President State of the EU in the Russian news articles of the RIA Novosti news agency (period July 1 - 31 December 31, 2006). 2009

NIEMINEN, Tanja: Becoming a New Finn Through Language: Non-native English-speaking
Immigrants' View on Integrating into Finnish Society. 2009

RUNGRUENGKIAT, Kunthida: Repairing the Friendship Bridges. An Analysis of the Effect of Stereotypes on the Relations of Similar Cultures: the Case of Thailand and Laos from the Thai perspective. 2009

SÁNCHEZ, Rita: Cultural Identity in Catalonia: Perceptions of 10 Catalanian Students. 2009

SELIN, Kristiina: Communication challenges of Finnish expatriates during the re-entry process. 2009

WAI YING, Lui: Rethinking cultural marginality in the postmodern age. Dialogical ambivalence of the multicultural self. 2009

WINTER, Carolin: Branding Finland on the Internet. Images and Stereotypes in Finland’s Tourism Marketing. 2009


CRAWFORD, Barbara: Exploring Intercultural Competency Growth by Non-Mobile University Students Through Interaction with Dissimilar Others: Internationalizing at Home Through Voluntary Social Interaction. 2008

DAFFUE-KARSTEN, Louisa: Teachers' perceptions of teaching multicultural classes in secondary schools in Finland: An intercultural approach. 2008

EWOH OPU, Eric: Ethnicity and Indigenous Conflict Resolution Methods in Africa. Case Study: Genocide and Gacaca in Rwanda. 2008

IKONEN, Jenni: "Why am I an alien in my own country?" – Communication Problems that Finnish Higher Education Level Students Encounter when Returning to their Home Country. 2008

KÄYHTY, Mikko & VILGATS, Marion: Opportunity, Challenge or Threath? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Representations of Immigration in Finland in the Context of Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper's "Maahanmuutto moninaistuu" (Immigration is Becoming More Diverse) Editorial Series, published in June-August 2007. 2008

LOCMELE, Liene: Reputation and cultural influences. The constituents of reputation of the University of Jyväskylä for its international degree students and postgraduates. 2008

MIKKONEN, Hanna: Intercultural communication problems with international students. Implications for the staff members' intercultural training. 2008

MÄÄTTÄ, Salla: Teachers' perceptions of multicultural education and their competence to teach children from different cultural backgrounds. 2008

NÄSI, Anni: Discourses on cultural differences in the letters to the editor of Helsingin Sanomat during the period 2000 - 2007. An analysis of discourse on John Berry's acculturation model. 2008

TARVAINEN, Johannes: Intercultural Communication and Intuition. An Integrative Approach. 2008

TIMONEN, Tiina: Examining Intercultural Effectiveness: A Case Study of
the Finnish-Peruvian "Salud Mental Infantil Y Familiar en Huamalíes"
Development Co-operation Project. 2008

TYNNINEN, Kaisa: Strategic Communication in Development Cooperation. Case Study of Evaluating the Communication Strategy of a Finnish-Burkinabé Development Project "Fire Management on Rural Lands". 2008

TÖRMÄ, Inka: The significance of work for one's identity in integration into Finnish society – a case study of two Somalian women in Finland. 2008

VUORIKOSKI, Kukka-Maaria: Intercultural visual literacy - interpretations on the Finnish Elovena symbol. 2008

WATANABE, Noriyuki: The Role of Trust in Cross-Cultural Adaptation: the Perspective of International Degree Students at a Finnish University. 2008

YLIKOSKI, Terhi: Intercultural communication competence in development cooperation. Perceptions by Finnish development workers. 2008


AIROLA, Kersti: Internal communication in a Nordic context. How do feelings of uncertainty influence employees' preferences about information in Nordea's IT unit? 2007

AROLA, Outi: Managing Cultural Diversity in Corporate Communication: the challenges of Finnish communication management in multinational corporations. 2007

ANTOLA, Sanna: Challenges, practices, recommendations and training needs in intercultural workplaces in Finland. 2007

DIAZ RUIZ, Carlos: Intercultural Communication Competence in International Entrepreneurship: developing networks as pathways for resources in SMEs. 2007

HAUTAMÄKI-YAMAGUCHI, Johanna: "The longer I stay, the less I really know about anything". The Finnish missionaries' discourses concerning their communication competence in Japan. 2007

KERUHEL, Julien: In Search of Time. Time and Work and Fiesta in the PRGSAP Project. 2007

KOKKALA, Tiina: Critical success factors and causes of failure in knowledge and skills transfer. Intercultural communication in the context of development co-operation - experiences of eight Finnish consultants. 2007

KÄLLBACKA, Katri: Art museums on an intercultural journey. A questionnaire study on the intercultural activity of finnish art museums. 2007

LAMMINSIVU, Saana: Immigrants as active members in Finnish trade unions: intercultural relations and intercultural communication in the trade union for the public and welfare sectors JHL. 2007

LINSENMEIER, Katja: Living dialogue. An evaluation of the work exchange program and intercultural training of the city of Jyväskylä. 2007

RAMSAY, Emmy: Intercultural  communication in Finnish-Italian business relationships. Perceptions of key personnel  in Finnish and Italian companies. 2007

SAINE, Nina: Question structures in the multicultural university education. A case study of the tolerance education course. 2007

TALMÉN, Nina: Special Skills in International Parenting. Case Study of Five Finnish International Adoptive Parents. 2007

ZIELINSKA, Malgorzata: Informal intercultural learning in the workplace. 2007


ANTIKAINEN, Marika: United States: The severe uncle or the promised land? 2006

KURPPA, Mikko: Power Distance in Websites: Universities in Twelwe Countries. 2006

KUZYUTINA, Anna: Concept of dusa (soul) in Russian culture and its reflection in Russian language and phraseology. 2006

LINDFORS, Johanna: The Cultural Dimensions of Masculinity Versus Feminity and the Representation of Gender in Advertising Images in Finland and the UK. 2006

SEGARO, Ethiopia: Intercultural competence in international negotiation - United Nations member state representative´s perspective on integrated approach for rural development in developing countries. 2006

SILVASTI, Ulla: Finnish exchange students abroad. Puzzling intercultural communication situations. 2006

WEIDENHAMMER, Meike: Deutsch-tschechische Kulturenschiede und möglich resultierende Problematiken in der interkulturellen Zusammenarbeit. Besondere Anforderungen an Führungskräfte deutscher Klein- und Mittelständischer Unternehmen in Tschechien. 2006

ZHANG, Ling: Building and maintaining relationships in computer mediated communication. Cultural differences in Internet use and role. 2006


HAMAGUCHI, Hiroko: "I want to choose color of my kimono." Japanese Cultural Values on Seniors Lives: Introducing Finnish Method and Facilities to Japanese Senior Citizens Society in Finnish Wellbeing Center Project. 2005

HENRIKSSON, Riikka: Interkulturelle Kommunikationskompetenz und Dolmetschen. Kritische Links und neutrale Echos für das Schaffen eines gemeinsamen interkulturellen Verständnis. 2005

LAUKKALA, Janne: Mediator’s intercultural competence in cross-cultural conflict resolution: Reflective Ladder learning model. 2005

LIPPONEN, Kaisa: What is intercultural communication competence in the context of the European Parliament? Perceptions about the required intercultural skills from the perspective of Finnish members of the European Parliament. 2005

MARROQUIN, Carlos A.: Implementation of artwork and cultural sharing projects as an approach between migrants and the Finnish society. 2005


ALLAOUA, Said: Being a muslim in Jyväskylä. The heterogeneity of the muslim community facing the integration. 2004

ANTTONEN, Kirsi: Resolution of the Cyprus problem: Squaring a circle? An analysis of a protracted social conflict. 2004

AUTERO, Marianne: Monikulttuurinen ryhmätoiminta maahanmuuttajanaisten voimavarana - tapaustutkimus kahden monikulttuurisen naisryhmän toiminnasta. 2004

CRAWFORD, Steve: Exploring gender roles in Finnish and American youth: A critical review of Geert Hofstede’s masculinity versus femininity dimension of national culture. 2004

HELLQVIST, Kristina: Independence and involvement: an actor-perspective on building intercultural local societies in a globalised, postmodern world. 2004

HUTTULA, Stina: Gendered nationality in sports news: a cross-cultural study of a Finnish and Australian newspaper. 2004

HÄKKINEN, Anna: Finnish experiences of Finnish-British non-verbal communication in business context. 2004

JOUTSELAINEN, Henna : Marginals of the integration law - integration of immigrants on the third sector in Jyväskylä. 2004

KOLSIO, Henna-Liisa: The role of company stories in marketing from the viewpoint of storytelling process. Cases: IVANAhelsinki and Rapala VMC. 2004

KORHONEN, Sirpa: The life stories of a group of Iranian refugees in Jyväskylä: The dialogic study of experiences. 2004

LAURENT, Lina: What more can we do? Developing a multicultural action plan for the girls' house, a meeting place for girls and young women in Helsinki. 2004

MANTSINEN, Milka: The need to be recognised. A study of identity and acculturation among adult immigrants in Joensuu and Jyväskylä. 2004

PELTOKALLIO, Maria: Kiintiöpakolaisten kotoutuminen Suomessa. Pakolaisten kokemuksia heille suunnatusta tiedottamisesta ja tiedon hyödyllisyydestä kotoutumisprosessin alkuvaiheessa. 2004

VUORIO, Antti : Immigrants' views of factors contributing to their employment situation in Kymenlaakso and Etelä-Savo. 2004


KUORTTI, Katja: Professional Empowerment of Immigrants: A Qualitative Study on Unemployed Academic Russian Immigrants in Finland. 2003

NUMMI, Mikko: Elintarvikkeita Saksan markkinoille - keskisuomalaisten yrittäjien kiinnostus viennin aloittamiseen. 2003

RYTISALO, Mari: Threatened by Europe? National Identities in European Work Environment. 2003

SCHNECK, Ella: At Ease Everywhere but Nowhere: an Identity Profile of a Third Culture Person. 2003

VIITANIEMI, Elina: HIV/AIDS Related Stigma and Discrimination: Responding at Community Level. 2003