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Welcome to the Finnish Conference of Media and Communication Research, to be held in Jyväskylä on 27–28 April, 2018. The theme of the conference is “Media and Hope”.
As our keynote speakers we welcome professor Lucy Küng from the Reuters institute at Oxford University, UK, and associate professor Anne Kaun from Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. Professor Küng is an expert on media strategy, innovation, and leadership in the digital age. Associate professor Kaun specializes in how media technologies enable and constrain civil activism.

Communication plays a crucial role in a world of multiple technological, societal, and economic changes. What kinds of stories about the past are produced and recycled? How do we picture the present through different kinds of messages? To whom are we talking to? Who are the ones we want to listen to? Above all, what kinds of futures can we imagine together?

The messages of threats and conflicts spread fast in media, and therefore we encourage to consider how various communicators, as well as communication researchers, can contribute to producing and maintaining hope in the current situation.

The MEVI2018 conference has 13 working groups:

1. Kriittinen mediateoria [Critical media theory]
2. Mediahistoria: Media tavoitteitaan määrittämässä
3. Huominen on (epä)toivoa täynnä: media, menneisyys ja tulevaisuuden tarinat [Media, the past, and future imaginaries]
4. Mediakasvatus, kriittinen medialukutaito ja osallisuuden kulttuuri [Media education, critical media literacy and participatory culture]
5. Media, teknologia ja yhteiskunta
6. Viestinnän muuttuva etiikka
7. Toivo moniäänisestä elokuvasta [Hope for Multivoiced Cinema]
8. Vertaisena verkossa – tuki, tunteet ja hyvinvointi verkkotiloissa
9. Viestintäpolitiikka ja mediatalous
10. Fanius ja osallistuva mediatuotanto digitaalisella ajalla
11. Journalismin innovaatiot ja uudet bisnesmallit
12. Tieteen julkisuus ja tiedeviestintä
13. Toivoton journalismi

Submit your abstract proposal of max 250 words to the chair of the working group you would like to attend. The descriptions and contact details of each working group can be found in the group introductions at www.jyu.fi/mevi2018. Deadline for submitting abstracts is February 2, 2018. If there is no suitable working group for your theme, you can submit a panel proposal with a specific topic as well.

Acceptance of submissions will be announced by February 16, 2018. The final deadline for registration is April 13, 2018.

MEVI2018 organizers warmly welcome you to Jyväskylä!
If you have any questions, please contact the organizing team at: mevi2018@jyu.fi