Anneleen Van Ingh

An­ne­leen Van Ingh

Pro­ject Coor­di­na­tor                               

F-Secu­re Cor­po­ra­tion

"You never know where you may meet people who are relevant for your job search. Have a clear idea of what you want and let your network know what kind of a job you are looking for." 


What is your education?
Before coming to Finland I had completed a Bachelor’s degree in Bioscience Engineering in Belgium, where I’m from. I moved to Finland in 2008 and started my studies in Romance Philology at the University of Jyväskylä in 2010. As minors I chose Spanish, Basic Business Studies and Intercultural Studies. I completed my BA and MA degrees in 3,5 years, graduating thus in December 2013. After graduation, I took a course in project management at the Open University.  

How did you end up at your current job and where did you work before?
After graduation I had no clear idea about my possible career. I was looking for office assistant tasks, like coordination work or the like. In spring 2014 I landed a 6-month internship as project assistant for the Baltic Institute of Finland in Tampere. That internship was followed by another 6-six month internship, this time as office assistant for Moniheli ry. in Helsinki. Both of these jobs involved planning, taking care of finances and meeting lots of people.

In April 2015 I was again searching for a job but I must admit that as a foreigner I found it rather difficult and I was unemployed for a while. By chance I met in a dog park a person working for F-Secure who hinted me at a temporary office assistant post opening at their company in November. I applied and got the job. The temporary job lead to a summer traineeship as product marketing trainee at the same company, after which I was given another short contract as office assistant. During this period, F-Secure released an internal call for a permanent project coordinator position and I was hired for the position in November 2016.  

Can you give an example of your typical working day?
I’ve only recently started in the product management and product marketing sector, so I’m still learning. My tasks mostly involve internal coordination and projects. I release communications for product updates, create internal materials, and plan our processes, for example how we communicate between teams. In practice, my working days include lots of emails, small coordinating meetings with colleagues from different teams, marketing and planning tasks plus executing plans. I also discuss with my colleagues on how to develop certain tasks or processes to enable the projects to run better. My team is mainly Finnish but also international: we have around 40 different nationalities at F-Secure. Most of the teams I work with are based in Helsinki but I’m also working with our local offices. My working language is English. I really enjoy working in an international company with different people and being involved in various fields.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is looking for this kind of job?
In my experience, my studies were a good background for my current job. University studies gave an overall picture but didn’t directly prepare me for a job, since you’ll always learn the practicalities on the job. I think that Basic Business Studies and Intercultural Studies were good bases for getting an idea of these fields and their mindsets. I also think that my earlier degree in Science has given me skills that are useful in working life such as logical thinking and an analytical attitude towards everything. A versatile background gives you multiple competences.

My tips:
1. Find a company that you are interested in and try to get in; don’t necessarily set the bar too high at the beginning. Student organisations’ duties can also be an asset in finding the first job.
2. In your studies combine languages with diverse minors, like business studies - don’t study only languages. Also look for relevant internships and summer jobs to help you discover what you want and get experience.
3. Networking! You never know where you may meet people who are relevant for your job search. Have a clear idea of what you want; through experience you’ll know what you like. Let your network know what kind of a job you are looking for.
4. Language skills are an asset in working life; they help getting to know people.