Doctoral studies at the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies


Registering for attendance and getting started with doctoral studies

Doctoral students are required to register annually for attendance or non-attendance for the academic year. More information on registration can be found on the Faculty webpage. Remember to check that your contact details are up to date.

An applicant who has been admitted to doctoral training is automatically added on the Faculty's doctoral student mailing list and on the Department’s staff mailing list. If you have been granted with a doctoral study right and believe that you have not been added to one or both of these lists, please contact the Coordinator Heli Niskanen.

As soon as the applicant is admitted to a doctoral programme, he or she must contact the assigned supervisor(s) to arrange a meeting. In the meeting

  • the group discusses the
    • Faculty’s requirements for a doctoral degree;
    • amendments to the requirements made by the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies (see below);
    • evaluation criteria for dissertations;
    • previous studies of the doctoral student;
    • responsibilities of the doctoral student and the supervisor(s);
    • other practicalities regarding graduate study;
  • the group writes a study and research plan for the student, taking into account the student’s career and employment goals and describing the
    • format of the dissertation (monograph, article dissertation or other; in case of an article dissertation, a publication plan for the articles is drafted);
    • study and research timetable;
    • structure and content of other required studies;
  • the group writes a funding plan (more information on funding can be found on, for example, the Faculty webpage)
  • the group writes the supervision document, in which is agreed, among other things, the
    • practicalities regarding supervision (such as the frequency and length of meetings);
    • role of possible secondary supervisors and the amount of supervision they provide;
    • ways of monitoring the progress of the studies (such as the frequency of reporting).

The student registers the agreements in Korppi.

More information on the research plan, supervision meetings and supervision document can be found on the Faculty webpage.


Amendments to the Faculty requirements made by the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

The Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies makes the following amendments to the Faculty requirements for a doctoral degree:

  • The doctoral student is required to participate in research seminar meetings throughout his or her studies. Each subject organises the research seminar according to their own customs. Additionally, the Department may organise joint research seminar meetings for students of all subjects.
  • The doctoral student is required to present at least three papers in the research seminar.
  • The research seminar is usually enrolled in using Korppi. Some research seminars of the department may have a shared electronic workspace in Optima.  The head of the seminar can be asked for more information.