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    Sysmus16 will be hosted by the Department of Music of the University of Jyväskylä, home of the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music ResearchThe Department of Music is located in the Seminaarinmäki Campus area (street address: Seminaarinkatu 15, Jyväskylä, Building M).


    The three major subjects offered at the Department of Music are Musicology, Music Education and Music Therapy. In addition, within Musicology, there is the English-language international master’s degree programme in Music, Mind and Technology. The Department has around 350 undergraduate students and 40 doctoral students, as well as 35 staff members.

    In terms of research activity, the Department of Music is an internationally recognised leader in multidisciplinary music research. Since January 2008, it has hosted the Academy of Finland-funded Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research. The research infrastructure of the Department is among the best in its field in Europe.


    Jyväskylä is Finland´s seventh largest city with a population of 130,000. The region’s inhabitants are friendly, possess an excellent service attitude, and are fluent in English. As a centre of growth, Jyväskylä is one of Finland´s most important urban areas. It is famous for its achievements in science and technology, its high-quality cultural activities, and its beautiful natural environment. Jyväskylä is also a very youthful city with almost 30,000 students.

    More information about Finland:

    Jyväskylä and its immediate surroundings form one of Finland’s largest centres of growth. The city is renowned for the high standard of its educational provision and technological expertise, as well as for its hugely varied offering of culture, sport and events.

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    City of Alvar Aalto

    Jyväskylä boasts more buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, the world-famous architect, than any other city in the world. The Alvar Aalto museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to life and work of Aalto, is among the top tourist attractions of the city.

    City of Light

    Jyväskylä, the City of Light, is a forerunner in urban outdoor lighting. Every autumn, Jyväskylä hosts  City of Light, Finland’s only event dedicated to urban lighting. Jyväskylä’s long-term and fruitful efforts as a developer of urban lighting have been acknowledged around the world.


    Most flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, located about 20 km from the centre of Helsinki. Other international airports include those located near Tampere and Turku.

    Jyväskylä is situated in Central Finland              


      If flying to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, you may continue by

      • plane to Jyväskylä airport (45 minutes)
      • bus/train/coach to Jyväskylä city centre (3-5 hours).

      By PlaneJyväskylä airport is located 21 km from the centre of Jyväskylä. You can reach the city centre by bus (€8 per person, payable to the driver in cash only) or taxi (ca. €37 for 1-2 persons, and ca. €52 for 3-9 person. Taxis accept most major credit cards. We recommend ordering a taxi in advance, especially if arriving late in the evening. Jyväskylä taxi company tel. +358 100 6900. Taxis are reliable and save to travel).

      • Connection flight from Helsinki to Jyväskylä. Operate with Flybe. Please, check the timetable from FLYBE Airline.

      By Train from Helsinki Airport: The easiest option is to take bus No. 61 (from stop 22 outside the terminal) toTikkurila train station (€2.50, ca. 20 min). A taxi is a little quicker, and costs €20-25. Train tickets (one way or return) can be bought in advance from

      By train from Helsinki City Centre: Alternatively you can take a bus (€4-6) or taxi (€35-40) to Helsinki main railway station (20km, ca. 35 min). Bus options include No. 5 ( 2.10pm-5.05pm, stop 4), No. 451 (stop 4), or Finnair Bus No. 615 (stop 2). At night time, No. 620N (stop 2). For bus enquiries, contact Helsinki Region Transport +358 9 476640000, weekdays at 7am.-7pm. Train tickets (one way or return) can be bought in advance from

      By Coach from Helsinki Airport or Helsinki City Centre: There is also a coach connection from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Jyväskylä. The trip takes 4 -5 hours and costs approximately €44. From Helsinki City Centre, first to take an airport bus to the city (see above), then take the coach to Jyväskylä from KAMPPI city bus terminal. Timetables can be found at Coaches leave next to terminal 2 at the airport.


      If arriving at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, take a bus or a taxi to the centre of Tampere (17km). For more information, see the Tampere/Finavia website/Transport Connection. You may continue your journey to Jyväskylä by train or coach. Train tickets (oneway or return) can be purchased in advance from Coach tickets can be purchased from


      If you arrive at Turku Airport, take a bus or a taxi to the centre of Turku. You may continue your journey to Jyväskylä by train or coach. For more information, please see the Turku/Finavia website. Train tickets (oneway or return) can be purchased in advance from Coach tickets can be purchased from


      There are frequent ferry connections to Helsinki via Stockholm or Tallinn, and also from Travemünde and Rostock. From Helsinki, you can continue your journey by train or by coach (see above). Ferry timetables can be found from the following links:


      For information on the climate and local weather in different parts of Finland, as well as three-day weather forecasts, see the pages of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

      The daytime temperature in June is usually between +13 and +23, but at night it can sometimes be chilly (even 0 - +5). The sun rises around 4 am. and sets around 11 pm. The weather can be rather variable, so please consult weather forecasts before travelling.

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