Motion-capture laboratory has been used in recent years for research concerning music and emotion.

Infrastucture of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

The Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies has a lot of infrastructure that is also available for people who are not researchers at the Department. A lot of the data is in part local and in part virtual, which increases the number of potential users. Additionally, Studio Musica, Motion Capture Lab and the Music Therapy Teaching and Research Clinic as well as the Finnish Music Campus are service concepts that also benefit people who are not researchers.

The Department also utilises traditional humanistic infrastructure: the data and services of different memory organisations (museums, archives, libraries) are utilised in a wide range of research and teaching. Material is also produced in co-operation with these organisations. An example of this is eSävelmät, the Digital archive of Finnish Folk Tunes, created with The Finnish Literature Society.