Dancing to the Same Beat - Music-induced Social Bonding (2016-2019)

Vastuullinen tutkija / Principal investigator: tutkijatohtori / Postdoctoral Researcher Birgitta Burger

Rahoittaja / Funding: Suomen Akatemia / Academy of Finland (2016-2019)

People go to dance clubs to meet and to feel connected to others. Dancing is a social activity many humans find very important and regularly engage in, which should be explored in more detail in order to understand key factors in human cognition and behavior. Therefore, this project aims to investigate social aspects of dancing together, in particular related to group bonding and cohesion. Movement, behavioral, and perceptual data will be combined to form a holistic picture of social behaviors on the dance floor that will provide further insights into the complex dynamics of social interaction in general. Moreover, the project will have implications for and applications in music therapy and rehabilitation, for instance, in developing more effective methods for treating motorically or socially impaired individuals.