Members of the CoE

The CoE consists of two research teams, the Music Cognition Team

(University of Jyväskylä, Department of Music, lead by Petri Toiviainen) and the Brain and Music Team (Helsinki University, Cognitive Brain Research Unit, lead by Mari Tervaniemi).

Music Cognition Team (Jyväskylä)

Petri Toiviainen (Professor)

Petri Toiviainen's research interests include music cognition, music information retrieval, and music motorics. Within these areas, he focuses on modeling of music perception, computational analysis of musical structure, and kinetics of music-related movement.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~ptoiviai/

Tuomas Eerola (Professor)

Tuomas Eerola is a researcher whose main interest is on music perception, especially on perception of emotions in music. Also questions of musical timbre, rhythm and melodic processing have been the focus of his research. He adopts the methods of computer modelling and behavioural experimentation to study these topics. Eerola mainly teaches music perception.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~ptee/ 

Jaakko Erkkilä (Professor)

Jaakko Erkkilä is the professor of music therapy at the department of music in charge of music therapy studies. His research activities include themes such as improvisational music psychotherapy in general, microanalysis of music therapy actions and processes, and randomized controlled trials in music therapy context.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~jerkkila/mte/ 

Olivier Lartillot (Finnish Academy Researcher)

Olivier Lartillot has a background in engineering, computer science, signal and pattern processing and musicology. His research interests mainly dwell within the domain of computational modeling for music analysis from audio and symbolic domains. He designs MIRtoolbox, a computational framework for audio and musical feature extraction from audio, and conceives tools for pattern mining and segmentation in music, with applications, among others, to ethnomusicology and music therapy.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~lartillo 

Geoff Luck (Finnish Academy Researcher)

Geoff Luck has a background in music-related movement and gesture analysis, as well as improvisational music therapy analysis. Currently, his research focuses on computational and statistical analysis of the kinematics and dynamics of temporal and expressive music-related movement.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~luck/ 

Suvi Saarikallio (Finnish Academy Researcher)

Dr. Suvi Saarikallio is a researcher and lecturer at University of Jyväskylä. Saarikallio's research interest include music and emotion, especially mood regulation and emotional development, personality psychology, and well-being. In her doctoral thesis (2007) Saarikallio developed a theoretical model and a measurement scale for assessing the use of music for mood regulation.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~suvila/ 

Jörg Fachner (Senior Researcher)

Dr. Jörg Fachner, Educationalist, Social Scientist has done EEG research on music perception in altered states of consciousness, holds a PhD in Medicine and edited an international eJournal and info-site on music therapy (http://www.musictherapyworld.net). Formerly he worked in the Physiology Department and later at the Chair for Qualitative Research in Medicine at University Witten/Herdecke in Germany.

URL: http://users.jyu.fi/~jofachne

Esa Ala-Ruona (University researcher)

Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona is a music therapist and psychotherapist, and he currently work as university researcher and associate professor at the Music therapy clinic for research and training. He studies musical interaction and clinical processes in improvisational psychodynamic music therapy, and the progress of rehabilitation of stroke patients in active music therapy.

URL: www.jyu.fi/hum/laitokset/musiikki/henkilokunta/alaruona

Vinoo Alluri (Researcher)

Dr. Vinoo Alluri has a background in engineering (M.Sc in Music Engineering Technology, University of Miami). Her current research involves investigation of the process of polyphonic timbre perception by employing an interdisciplinary approach that comprises a combination of experimental psychology, computer modelling and neuroscience. 

Birgitta Burger (Researcher)

Dr. Birgitta Burger has a background in Systematic Musicology and Computer Science (M.A. in Musicology, University of Cologne/Köln). She is interested in the role of the body in production, perception and understanding of music. Her current research focuses on music-induced movement and its relationships to musical features, individual features, emotions, and synchronization.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~biutlubu 

Rafael Ferrer Flores (Researcher)

Dr. Rafael Ferrer has a background in Systematic Musicology. He is interested in timbre and how it affects the development of musical preferences. On his research, semantic and acoustic aspects of timbre converge to show how these are related with individuals and society.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~raferrer

Riia Milovanov (Researcher)

Dr. Riia Milovanov has a background in language teaching and developing foreign language teaching methods. Her present project focuses on cognitive neuroscience, more precisely, the cortical brain activity in relation to phonetic and music stimuli processing in early adolescence and adulthood. Moreover, the relationship between language skills and musical aptitude is investigated. 

Marko Punkanen (Researcher)

Dr. Marko Punkanen is a music therapist, dance-movement therapist and trauma psychotherapist. His research interests are related to music therapy and emotions. 

Marc Thompson (Researcher)

Dr. Marc Thompson has a background in Music Technology (B.Mus, McGill University) and Music Perception (Masters in Music, Mind Technology, University of Jyväskylä). His current interests involve the analysis of expressive body movement in music performance and the design of intuitive gesture-controlled interfaces for Music Therapy settings.

URL: users.jyu.fi/~mathomps 

Jonna Vuoskoski (Researcher)

Dr. Jonna Vuoskoski has previously studied the role of personality traits in music performance anxiety. Her current research focuses on individual differences in the experience and the perception of musical emotions, and on physiological and neural responses to musically induced emotions. 

Margarida Baltazar (Doctoral student)

Margarida Baltazar has a background in Clinical Psychology (MA in the University of Lisbon), with dissertation research on emotion regulation and music listening strategies. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Jyväskylä, where she focuses on how different emotion regulation strategies through music have an impact on psychological adjustment, and on the effect of music genres and preferences on this relationship. 

Olivier Brabant (Doctoral student)

Olivier Brabant has a MA in Music Therapy from the University of Jyväskylä. His recent research was about diurnal changes in the perception of musical emotions. He is currently investigating the phenomenon of altered states of consciousness in connection with music therapy and mental health.

Iballa Burunat (Doctoral student)

Iballa Burunat has a background in systematic musicology (MA in Music, Mind and Technology) and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the university of Jyväskylä. She investigates brain dynamics of music-driven cognitive and emotional processing in naturalistic conditions as modulated by music training.

URL: http://users.jyu.fi/~ibburuna 

Martín Hartmann (Doctoral student)

Martín Hartmann is a doctoral student whose main interests are in computational analysis and classification of music. He studies how people segment music into parts as they listen to it, and which are the musical representations and auditory organization rules that describe the perception of music segment boundaries.

URL: http://users.jyu.fi/~maarhart 

Henna-Riikka Peltola (Doctoral Student)

Henna-Riikka Peltola (M.A. in musicology, University of Jyväskylä) is a doctoral student with a background as a musician. Her current research interests are related to individual experiences of musical emotions and cultural aspects involved in these processes. 

Pasi Saari (Doctoral student)

Pasi Saari is a doctoral student with background in cognitive musicology (M.A. in Music, Mind & Technology master's programme, University of Jyväskylä) and computer science (M.Sc. in the department of Mathematical Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä). His current research interests are related to content-based analysis of audio according to high-level concepts such as genre or mood, and to audio feature extraction and analysis. 

Anemone van Zijl (Doctoral student)

Anemone van Zijl has a background in Arts and Social Sciences (BA and MPhil at Maastricht University, NL) and Music Psychology (MSc at Keele University, UK). Her current research focuses on the relationship between performers’ experienced emotions and the expressivity of the produced performances. 

Markku Pöyhönen (Coordinator)

Markku Pöyhönen is the coordinator of the CoE. He is in charge of the management and economical issues of the CoE and provides support for the research projects.


Brain and Music Team (Helsinki) 

Mari Tervaniemi (Professor)

By using various research methods of cognitive neuroscience and psychology, Prof. Mari Tervaniemi is investigating the neural determinants of music perception, cognition, emotion, and expertise.

URL: www.cbru.helsinki.fi/~mari/ 

Minna Huotilainen (Docent)

Minna Huotilainen, docent in cognitive science, uses neuroscientific methods and studies of human behaviour to assess questions related to perception of music, learning of music and language, memory, attention, and emotions conveyed by sounds. The participants of the studies are mainly infants and children. 

Elvira Brattico (Docent)

Elvira Brattico (PhD in Psychology, diploma in Piano), docent in neurosciences of music, is studying the neural and genetic determinants of music listening. Particularly she is interested in determining the components of the aesthetic experience of music. For her research, she uses behavioral, electrophysiological, genetic and neuroimaging methods. 

Brigitte Bogert (Researcher)

Brigitte Bogert's (PhD) research interests are the neural bases of emotion, reward, and music. In particular, she is interested in the role of genes in music and emotion, and the effects of music therapy on the brain. 

Clemens Maidhof (Researcher)

Clemens Maidhof's (M.A.) main topic are the neurophysiological correlates of music performance. In his current project, he attempts to combine neurophysiological methods (EEG) with motion capture techniques to gain a better insight into brain mechanisms underlying musical performance, skill learning, and expressivity. 

Veerle Simoens (Researcher)

Having studied biomedical sciences and being passionate about music, Veerle Simoens combines her interests about the effects of stage fright on score reading and, more generally, the effects of stress and cortisol on auditory perception.

Teppo Särkämö (Researcher)

Teppo Särkämö's (PhD) main interest is in the interplay of music, speech, cognition, and emotions in adult clinical patient groups, especially stroke and dementia patients. By using a combination of research methods from cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuropsychology, and psychology, his research focuses specifically on the impact of music and speech on the recovery of cognitive, emotional and auditory functions in the brain. 

Eva Istók (Doctoral student)

Eva Istók's (M.A.) main interest is the investigation of cognitive and affective aspects of music appreciation. Combining different methods ranging from questionnaire based techniques to electrophysiological recordings, she especially focuses on aesthetic evaluation processes and their neural, psychological, as well as conceptual basis. 

Kaisu Krohn (Doctoral student)

Kaisu Krohn's research is focused on investigating top-down processing of auditory information by means of EEG and MEG. More specifically, the goal is to clarify how implicitly acquired knowledge about the regularities in Western music guides listeners' neural processing of sounds 'top-down' while listening to music. 

Vera Leo (Doctoral Student)

Vera Leo (M.A. in Psychology) is a doctoral student working at the CoE since 2010. Her research focuses on studying the impact of music listening on stroke recovery, especially in aphasic patients. Her main scientific interests are in the interplay of music, speech, cognition, and emotions and in the idiosyncrasies of music and its therapeutic effects.

Tanja Linnavalli (Doctoral student)

Tanja Linnavalli (MA) is a student of cognitive sciences, teacher in pop & jazz singing and MA in musicology. In Brain and Music Team she is studying newborn babies' beat detection. 

Eino Partanen (Doctoral student)

Eino Partanen (MSc) is a doctoral student focusing on a variety of infant studies: development of preterm infants and related clinical groups, fetal learning and its' long-term effects and efficient multifeature EEG measurement paradigms for infants. 

Hanna Poikonen (Doctoral student)

Hanna Poikonen (MSc) is immersing into the fascinating world of music and dance from the neuroscientific point of view. She's studying how the brain processes the changes in musical features as well as in dance movement. 

Vesa Putkinen (Doctoral student)

The aim of Vesa Putkinen's (MA (Psych)) research is to investigate, mainly using auditory event-related potentials (ERPs), children's abilities to remember, discriminate and attend to musical sounds and the development of these abilities from birth through school-age. One goal of his research is to shed light on the relationship between musical training and auditory skills by searching for differences in the these skills between children who are actively engaged in music and children engaged in non-musical activities. 

Johannes Pykäläinen (Doctoral student)

Johannes Pykäläinen (MA) is interested in studying neural plasticity in prematurely born infants. The focus of his research is to understand how early sensory experience, especially parental singing, shape the brain of a premature newborn. Also, studying the environmental factors that best support the cognitive and emotional development of prematurely born infants is close to Johannes' heart.

Tiziana Quarto (Doctoral student)

Tiziana Quarto's (MSc, Graduate student) research interests include neural and genetic aspects of cognition, music and emotion. In particular, her research is aimed to understand how genes impact the brain and how personal experiences can modulate or change the biological mechanisms between genes and behavior. 

Katri Saarikivi (Doctoral student)

Katri Saarikivi (MA) is interested in exploring the neural mechanisms behind executive function, attention and working memory with an emphasis on how different types of activities can influence development in childhood. Her research looks at how musically active children and children active in other hobbies differ in their neurocognitive processing at different ages, from early childhood to adolescence. 

Miia Seppänen (Doctoral student)

Miia Seppänen (M.A. in Psychology, Doctoral student in University of Helsinki, Cognitive Brain Research Unit) is doing her doctoral thesis in Mari Tervaniemi’s Brain Music Team about the effects of individual reward sensitivity and feedback on auditory perceptual learning. She is interested in how those factors, in addition to age and musical expertise, modulate neural, psychophysiological and behavioural correlates of perceptual learning. 

Ritva Torppa (Doctoral student)

Ritva Torppa (MA, Speech Therapist) is a doctoral student focusing on studies concerning music-related speech perception abilities in children using Cochlear Implant devices and rehabilitation of hearing and speech with music. 

Paula Virtala (Doctoral student)

Paula Virtala (MA) is interested in the development of auditory skills during childhood and the effects of music training on this development. Paula studies the processing of Western music categories in the brain using EEG.

Miika Leminen (Laboratory Engineer)

Miika Leminen (MSc, Tech.) has worked for several years as a laboratory engineer in the cognitive brain research Unit. He supports the research of CoE in all technical and methodological issues. His expertise includes biomedical engineering, brain research methods and signal processing.

Tommi Makkonen (Laboratory engineer)

Tommi Makkonen (MSc, Tech.) is laboratory engineer in the cognitive brain research unit. His main interests are in bioelectronics and data analysis methods. He has also studied physiological changes evoked by music listening.

Hannu Loimo (Research assistant)

Hannu Loimo's (MSc) research interest is data analysis.