Research topics

The research carried out at the CoE tackles a number of topical issues
related to the overall theme. These include the neural determinants of
various processes related to musical involvement, such as emotions,
relationships between music and corporeality, and the development of
computer systems for the analysis and classification of music and
music-related motion.

The CoE incorporates a spectrum of expertise that is unique in the field
of music research. The group contains a number of internationally
renowned music researchers representing musicology, music therapy,
psychology, computer science, physics, and biomedicine. The combination
of these areas of expertise enables the execution of high-level
interdisciplinary research that combines methods of psychology, brain
imaging, and computer simulation.

Several of the research topics examine the effects of music to the
improvement of well-being. Examples of such topics include the
cognitive, emotional, and motoric effects of music therapy
rehabilitation, the use of technology for the improvement of musical
expression in various diagnostic groups, manifestation and prevention of
musicians' stage fright, use of music for mood regulation, and the
effect of music on foreign language learning.